Maybelline New York is a makeup brand that owns fashion weeks all across the globe. In order to bring that brand ethos to India, we partnered with India Fashion Week to strengthen our makeup credentials and engage with consumers through bring trends from New York to India. We did this by first establishing Maybelline New York as a New York based trendsetter by sending Elton J Fernandez, Maybelline Makeup Expert, and MissMalini, India’s No.1 Blogger to New York Fashion Week. Showing exclusive previews of the hottest makeup trends, we interacted with consumers and brought their favorite trends to life in India.

Starting it off with our brand ambassador Athiya Shetty, we showcased these trends and asked consumers to join in too. It didn’t stop there, we had a multi-platform strategy and used first time innovations to engage the consumers, build a brand connect and make it happen! We covered the makeup trends for consumers across a Facebook Canvas by breaking it down for them, becoming the first beauty brand to create a canvas. That’s not all…we also became the first beauty brand to execute a 360 degree video innovation to take consumers across India Fashion Week with Maybelline and expose them to all the latest trends with their favorite makeup products. Another great concept we utilised was linking back all social and digital elements to Amazon, the World’s No.1 e-commerce player which strengthened the trends and led consumers to shop and convert it to sales, showcasing and executing an integrated approach.

The campaign created about Maybelline New York co-sponsoring India Fashion Week was a success for the brand and generated great results creating an integrated campaign. The sales on e-commerce shot up 2 times the sales from the previous season during this period due to the integrated marketing approach the brand took. Making makeup happen, one girl at a time.

On social we generated over 65 Million impressions, of which only 7 Million impression were earned. Our creatives got a relevance score of 10/10 from Facebook. For the video with Athiya Shetty and Elton J Fernandez that went across social platforms, we garnered over 7 Million views which are 4 times our average video views. The brand also garnered its highest buzz rate ever during the campaign period – 51%.

The brand had two first time innovations, Facebook Canvas and 360 degree video, which both had great performance. The Facebook canvas generated 2 times the engagement versus average and got a relevance score from Facebook of 7/10 (Benchmark is 5/10). Additionally, double the engagement rate was congregated on Instagram. The 360 degree video received 3 times organic views compared to average and generated good PR coverage. The campaign also generated a massive 201% ROI on the Amazon AMS banner.

Furthermore, it was also showcased and appreciated as a best practice at the Facebook Developers Conference.