Not many people are very well versed with the health Benefits of Horlicks Oats. The brand wanted to create a hype around the health factor of the product and highlight its benefits through this campaign.

The challenge was that there weren’t enough conversations happening around the brand. We also realized that people tend to talk about health around the beginning of the New Year. Since the brand wanted to own the health space, we began conversation by asking people to quit that one unhealthy habit that is coming in their way of becoming healthy.

This is how we began the campaign and got everyone talking about the #OathToHealth and every time someone tweeted about the one bad habit that they would want to cut down on, the brand sent them a customized response.  We began by making creatives out of the testimonials we received and started conversations on Facebook.

We launched the brand on Facebook with this campaign, collaborating with fitness stalwarts, as well as celebrities who chatted about their #OathToHealth and helped amplify conversations.

The blend of platforms helped us in reaching a wider audience. And we got many people to take the #OathToHealth!

  • 6,313 conversations were generatedaround #OathToHealth
  • Trended No.1 on Twitter for over 3 days
  • Received 6,000 impressions on Twitter
  • Reached 40,53,684 people on Facebook
  • Received 22,09,542 Views on YouTube