The Much-Awaited Reunion Of The Villains

With a movie premier as exciting as Suicide Squad and its edgy as well as eccentric characters, it was imperative for HBO to engage with viewers in a clutter free manner that was not just fun, but also had a personal connect.

An Unexplored Platform

When brands look to interact with their fans, the first few platforms that they turn to are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or a combination of all. However, WhatsApp as a platform has rarely been explored by brands! The most ideal aspect of the WhatsApp platform is the fact that it is used by people on a daily basis and it has over 200 million active users in India.

Had A Tete-a-tete With Their Fans…

The new WhatsApp Status feature was leveraged to execute a 3-week-long activity where fans were engaged and updated about the movie on a daily basis. The results were phenomenal as in a matter of hours we had over 800 contacts organically. The campaign continued for three weeks, gaining above 1000 new contacts for the first week. 

Making HBO India The First Brand In The Media And Entertainment Space To Capitalize On The Whatsapp Status Feature!

–    10,000 fans participated

–    Garnered over 2,000 daily views on the WhatsApp status

–    Received over 1,00,000 messages