What started off in 2008 as a summer project between 4 friends turned into something bigger than they could ever imagine. FoxyMoron’s roots were based in an experiment. It was the thought of doing something no one else was, doing it because what’s life without a little mayhem, but most importantly, it was about doing things for the fun of it. It was that very philosophy that converted a little summer project into one of India’s leading independent digital agencies. We always do things differently, because we don’t know any other way. For us, this usually leads to organised and unorganised chaos. However, for our clients it leads to innovative, interactive and impactful award winning work that raises the bar for the industry. Worth it don’t you think ? Well, we certainly do, because when we take on new business we don’t ask how that affects our bottom line. We ask how we can make the brand just a little more Foxy. In today’s environment when you have everything from Water Coolers to Birth Control pills with a digital presence, how do we distinguish our clients from the herd ?

Simple - Be Sharp. Be Innovative. Be Foxy.

When you build something so huge, so young, you realize the potential there is, to make a difference. To know more about our CSR initiatives, Read More